What is EZ-School?

EZ-School is an Education ERP (Education Management System) that has been designed to cover the in depth functionalities of all types of Educational Institutes such as Schools, Colleges, Universities & Group of Institutions. It lets you manage all the information in a time sensitive manner along with the rules and policies applicable at that time, so whenever required, the exact information can be re-produced as it is.

ez-school education erp software overview

The EZ-School Education ERP has been developed after an in-depth analysis of the requirements of various education institutes and in close coordination with the educationists, chartered accountants and quality management personals of distinction, to help you to run all your Institute related functions in more efficient, productive and comfortable manner. The primary purpose of our Education ERP is to provide mechanisms for automated processing and management of the entire institution. It reduces data error and ensures that information is managed efficiently and is always up-to-date. Complete student histories for all school years, can easily be searched, viewed and reported on press of button with the help of our solution.

At EZ-School, we continue to serve educational institutions by developing additional programs and by updating our solutions with new, more efficient and customized versions that incorporate new administrative features requested by different Universities and Colleges.

How can EZ-School help?

The complete solution comprises of a desktop application and an integrated Content Management System (CMS) based Web portal that helps you in managing critical activities such as:

  • Managing  various Departments & Sub-Divisions establishing interconnectivity between them

ez-school education erp software manage departments hr academic

  • Managing academic sessions with all courses and programs, conducting Examinations etc.
  • Managing staff & faculty from Recruitment till Retirement
  • Managing  Students from their admission process till placements and beyond
  • Managing financial activities such as Fee collection etc.
  • Minimizing paperwork to almost zero
  • Sharing important information with parents and students through web portal such as publishing Results, Exam Schemes, and Attendance etc. on a real time basis
  • Conveying immediate information to parents by sending SMS through web portal

What’s the easiest way to start using EZ-School?

The easiest way to start using EZ-School is through Cloud Model (Hosted Service Model) and for which you just need an internet connection.

ez-school education erp software cloud is the easiest way to start

When you sign up for a Hosted Service plan, you will get an email message with all the instructions to download and install the desktop application and other details about accessing and managing your web portal. As soon as you install the application, you’ll be up and running and can start using EZ-School immediately.

How can I be sure there will be EZ-School support in the future?

We have made all the arrangements to provide you the best possible support that you need through Documentation, Forums, and Training Videos etc. If still needed, you can also get your Data Entry work done "online" by hiring Data Entry Operators registered with us.