EZ-School Features

Cloud based Model

A desktop based cloud application is much more fast and reliable than a normal web application as most of the processing and computations are done at the user end leaving minimal load on the server. It means you get to use all the rich features of a typical client server based application along with most of the benefits of a typical web application like 24/7 connectivity from anywhere.

Easy to integrate Web Modules

Even though, you get a fully integrated Joomla based website with EZ-School with your preferred sub-domain but if you already have your own website, you can still integrated all the EZ-School Web modules very easily like you integrate Google analytics by adding few lines of code.

Rules and Policies Based ERP

For any ERP to be useful, it must have the options to define rules and policies on a timely basis, so whenever required, the exact information can be re-produced as it is. All the modules of EZ-School are driven by rules and policies based engine.

Manage information on a Tree based Architecture

A tree architecture based user interface gives you the infinite level of flexibility to manage information as desired without any limitations. Most of the user interfaces in EZ-School application are built on Tree-view based controls so you get all the freedom to deal with all kind of scenarios easily.

Digital Scanning of Paper Work

Digital Scanning of Paper work is essential for immediate access of information. Also, fetching physical papers on a repetitive basis may damage the original document permanently. Document Repositories in EZ-School are designed for such purpose only.

User Security, Roles and Permissions

EZ-Schools comes with an enhance user management system. You can define user roles like administrators, accountants etc and can grant relevant View/Update permissions to individual users. Users can only see and do the things on which they have access to.

User Friendly Interfaces

User Friendly Interfaces become must when you know you’ll get users who may not have worked on the computer before. That’s why EZ-School is designed with easy to use, interactive and user friendly interfaces that help non-expert users to perform complex functions without any difficulty.

Comprehensive Reporting System

EZ-School offers a powerful mechanism to generate accurate and robust reports with a great deal of flexibility. Whether you want a report for a single student or for the entire institute, it gives you plenty of options and flexibility to generate reports at multiple levels helping you to enhance the performance and productivity of your institution.

The web modules provides options for management to view critical reports anytime anywhere from their web enabled mobiles and similar other devices.

Integrated SMS portal

EZ-School comes with an integrated SMS portal with pre-defined number of free SMS. There are many reports in EZ-School, like Fee Defaulter’s Report where you get an option to send SMS to all the defaulters asking them to deposit the balance payment immediately. If you run out of free SMS pack then you can contact our sales team to buy more SMS.

Step by Step Documentation and Training Videos

A complete step by step documentation and training videos are available in the Support section on our website to walk you through the entire application.