Why do you need EZ-School?

In absence of a low budget and high Quality Education ERP solution, most of the Institutes in Developing Countries are still forced to do Manual Work. This leads to inaccuracy in Data as well as wastage of precious teaching time.

Teachers are normally believed that they don’t have anything to do besides teaching but in reality it’s quite opposite. Teachers are always over burdened with lots of jobs involving too many calculations like maintaining attendance data, preparing results of students, collecting Fees from students. All these tasks sound normal but in reality they are very complex.

Attendance is a simple task, well think again!

A typical attendance Register maintained in schools, require thousands of absence and leave related calculations, to be done at the end of every month by hand counting all the tiny entries from the pages back and forth. This is a 2-3 days of work for anyone to get it done correctly but normally teachers only get couple of hours to finish it. So, just imagine the pressure at that moment on the teacher and the probability of finishing the task accurately.

Is preparing result manually an Easy job?

Result preparation may sound easy but in reality it’s a nightmare for a teacher. There are too many rules and polices those are applied in the evaluation/grading process. It becomes very difficult for any teacher to remember all of them and do all the calculations like percentages, rankings etc. correctly in one go. So the entire result becomes faulty and these errors normally get detected in the review process and to fix them means doing all the calculations all over again from beginning. Preparation of Marks-sheet and Examination Registers by hand sound real crazy.

Our survey shows that a teacher normally spends around 6-8 weeks every year in this process and the accuracy remains questionable till very end.

Who pays when the Fee collection data doesn’t match?

In most of the schools in developing countries like India, a teacher (who is not very highly paid) has to do the Fee Collection Work manually. When the strength of students becomes high with most of the students making partial payments, the chances of accounts mismatch become high too. In such cases, if there is shortage in collected amount, teacher has to pay from his own pocket.

What happens when you need information and the Staff is absent?

How many times in a year it happens when you needed some important information and you are told that the concerned person is absent or the person has left and now nobody knows where the information is?

Removing person dependency from an organization is one of the key requirements from quality & growth perspective and there is no easy way to achieve it without a proper ERP solution.

If you’ll not change your person dependent system, you perhaps may have to pay the price someday.

How does parent or a student feel when he has to wait in line?

Have you felt the pain of a parent or student when he has to stand in line in long never ending queues just to get Transfer Certificate or to deposit Fees?

Everyone knows that accessing information from paper files is a difficult task and due to Improper means of exchanging information between various departments and lack of interconnectivity between them, the delay is bound to happen and the line and thus the wait time and pain of students and parents will keep growing too.

In the current competitive environment, will it be good for your business?

You had software but it didn’t work after some time

Wasn’t it “GOOD” enough due to low budget? Couldn’t get support on time so stopped using it?

Well things don’t remain same all the time and the same is true with the Technology. Earlier internet wasn’t available everywhere and was costly too. Today, Hi-Speed internet is easily available at most of the places even at distant locations and in extremely affordable prices.

This one thing “internet” has changed the entire way how business used to operate. Hi-Speed and low cost internet has given birth to the cloud based applications. On Cloud you are always up and can access your application 24/7 from anywhere. This has helped to bring down the overall cost of applications including implementation and support.

The applications, those were White Elephant earlier, are now affordable by all sizes and types of Organizations.

So try our Cloud based EZ-School ERP Solution you will feel better. We also encourage you to share your experiences after using EZ-School.